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The Congress of the People condemns in the strongest possible way, Saturday morning’s brutal attack on its former Vice Chairman, Mr. Vernon de Lima and his dear wife, Jennifer. It is clear from the attackers’ utterances to Mr De Lima that they thought his wife was already dead, even as they promised to end his life as well. The attack, which occurred around dawn in a usually quiet district, demonstrates how embolden criminals have become and forces us to taken another long, hard look at the circumstances that would have created these cold-blooded, would-be killers. While the government has done a lot to equip the police with the tools it needs to fight crime, part of the responsibility for reducing criminality and criminal activity has to rest with members of society and particularly with our leaders to whom citizens look for guidance. It is the things we do and the attitudes we display which mould the minds of successive generations and which influence their behaviour. Consequently, it is for all of us to reflect on whether we, collectively as a society, might have played some part in creating the kind of persons who have so little regard and respect for hard-working women. Have we, by our casual and sometimes convenient dismissal of subtle attacks against our women, created an environment in which these more severe attacks are seen as permissible? It is especially difficult for us in the Congress of the People, which has been built on a philosophy of caring, mutual respect and the elevation of women and young people, to come to terms with the severity of yesterday’s attack on Mrs. De Lima – not only because of her family’s involvement in our party but because it represents an attack against the very thing we consider sacred, our females and young people. We cannot begin to imagine the physical hurt and pain Mrs. De Lima would have endured, nor the physical and psychological trauma Mr. De Lima would have experienced as he starred down the barrel of a gun while being told that his wife was already dead. Our hearts and prayers go out to the de Lima family as we wish Vernon and Jennifer a speedy recovery – not that they can ever truly recover from this ordeal. I take the opportunity, as political leader of the Congress of the People, to again urge all our leaders to be ever mindful of the example we set for our young people by the way we interact with and speak about our nation’s women. I urge all further to remember their sacred duty to protect the young and the vulnerable by creating an environment that is less hostile, by themselves showing less hostility. Prakash Ramadhar Political Leader
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